Coastal Concierge Association

Most guests these days want to experience Savannah in a unique way. That means if you’re on the frontlines of a lodging property, you need to know what and how to provide for your guests.

Enter Coastal Concierge Association (CCA).

The Tourism Leadership Council started the CCA to give anyone working at a lodging property the tools you need to succeed. If you work as a concierge, front desk, guest services, or any other frontline employee at a TLC member lodging property, you are eligible to join.

Read about the start of the CCA in the Savannah Morning News.

It's absolutely free to join.

For TLC member businesses that want to promote their business with the Coastal Concierge Association, you can click on the buttons to find out how you can market your business.

New classes starting in Winter 2019. Click certification classes to find out how you can get involved.

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