Benefits for Savannah

Tourism is economic development. One of the most significant and important contributions of the tourism community is the thousands of jobs it creates. More than just jobs, tourism provides careers. Most of the leaders of our present-day community started out with entry level jobs such as bellman, server, or housekeeper. Today, those men and women employ thousands and help shape our hospitality.

Tourism is one of the very few industries where an individual can achieve financial and career success without formal education. Sure, there are plenty of advanced degrees in the industry, but it's a heart for service, commitment to excellence, and a passion for people that paves the way for success in the tourism community. 

As the second biggest economic and employment  factor in our community, the tourism community has a big impact on our region. The committed leaders of the TLC are the builders of jobs and economic prosperity for our area. As an organization, we constantly challenge ourselves to grow our industry in a responsible way that balances our thriving industry with the needs of a growing community. 

In addition to being advocates for the tourism community, we live, work, and play in Savannah. We are your neighbors, and we have a deep love for the community we call home.